Best Star Wars Drones To Buy – Buyer’s Guide

On this page, you can follow out monthly buyer’s guide considering Star Wars Drones. Since the drone market has grown in the last couple of years, there is now a wide range of drones out there, inclusive drones inspired by Star Wars, which actually provides a great bunch of quality drones for a good price.

If you are looking for the best cheap/affordable Star Wars drones in the market, just look at the table below. These are the best drones out there inspired by Starwars (ps. let us know if we have missed out on any drone regarding this topic in the comment section)


The Millennium Falcon Quad Drone

Air Hogs Star Wars Remote Control Millennium Falcon Quad

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Are you a hardcore Star Wars fan? Are you looking for the ultimate, a most popular drone that can relate to you? The millennium falcon quad drone is for you. This drone may look like it doesn’t have much to offer, but don’t worry, it got some very nice features.

The Millennium Falcon drone is built to be quite strong which supports a high percentage of the crashes. It has four rotors that cannot be replaced easily, which of course is a disadvantage, but considering the design and price, nobody would try and change the rotors anyway.

Flight experience/performance: This drone flies quite well when it comes to the flight experience. It is balanced, and it has four proportional channels. The millennium falcon does not have the ultimate high response time.

This could be considered as one of its cons compared to some other drones, but when considering drones around this kind of price range, the drone doesn’t act much differently than other drones. It flies best when it is being used in an indoor space like the living room or in a calm air condition when taken to an outdoor space. So endeavor to consider the wind speed when flying the drone outside the house.

Inbuilt battery/charge time: The batteries are inbuilt and they are not replaceable. Its battery size is 140mAh. Its flight time is within 5 minutes to 8 minutes and the charge time at best takes around 20 minutes. Put these in mind when you are flying the drone.

Durability: The millennium falcon drone is pretty durable. it is designed with foam inside it to prevent it from having any serious damage when it comes in contact with a hard surface. The use of the foam makes the drone very light too.

Controller: the controller is almost half the size of the drone. It has a Star Wars brand on it and it has the ability to produce some sounds which give its users some pretty actionable Star Wars thrills. The control sticks are used to give the drone different commands.

The left stick works as throttle when pushed forward and it is also used for rotating the drone. On the right-hand side of the controller, the control stick serves as the analog stick used for directing the drone forward, left and right when moved in these respective directions.

The green button on the controller serves as the power button, so once this is pushed the drone will be switched on. This is similar to when you use a car key to start the car. The controller has a charging cable that connects directly to the drone alone and this is the only way the drone can be charged.

The controller can be charged with the use of a USB cable. Lastly, the millennium falcon drone controller doesn’t have an app, and it does not connect to any smartphones nor devices.


Air Hogs Star Wars Remote Control Millennium Falcon Quad


Reparability: The millennium falcon drone is sadly not very repairable and this is mainly because of the way it is built. So while this Star Wars drone may be durable to some extent, it will be of best interest if it flies in an area or space with less obstacles to avoid losing parts of the drone.

Camera: This drone is not built for taking pictures or making videos, so it has not been designed to have a camera. The major idea of the millennium falcon drone is to replicate the Star Wars movie version of it.

Upgradeability: The millennium falcon drone cannot be upgraded and this is because that other drones that have upgrading options, you’ll find the presence of a camera, a bigger and more exposed blade or an app which is used on a smartphone in conjunction with its controller. These above mention things are not found on this drone.

Haktoys S611 Storm Ryder Drone

Haktoys HAK611 12' 4-Channel 2.4GHz RC Quadcopter Storm...

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The Haktoys s611 Storm Ryder drone is the perfect drone for beginners and youngsters who want to enjoy the thrill of flying a drone for the first time. For their parents, this is a cheap way of making these children’s dreams come through.

The Haktoys s611 Storm Ryder drone is easy to learn and fly, the remote control is very user-friendly. The drone has a pretty high response time, it has two kickers which serves as landing gears and a bright LED light below the protective frame. The drone’s blade is well covered and protected from a huge amount of crashes.

Flight experience and performance: in terms of the flight experience, the drone is wonderful. The Star Wars drone is designed for beginners, so obviously there will be a lot of modifications to make the drone fly steadily. This helps the newbies enjoy their flight time.

It has 4 channel 12” LED RC quadcopter which makes it balanced and a 6 axis gyroscope which helps the drone to counteract any unnecessary rotation that may occur.

It can fly in both an indoor space and an outdoor space.

When it is being used outdoors, the drone is only able to withstand a wind speed of 5 mph. the Haktoys s611 Storm Ryder drone possesses a 2.4 GHz wide range frequency which enhances the control of the drone during flight.

Durability: The drone is pretty durable. It has been made of durable light plastic and it covers things like the blades of the drone and protects it from immediate harm. Also beneath it, you’ll find two plastic kickers which serve as a landing guard for the drone, as earlier mentioned.

Battery and charge time: the battery of this Star Wars drone is a rechargeable high quality and strong 3.7v 650mAh Li-Po battery. It’s replaceable, so you can have two or three batteries and enjoy your drone for a while before you charge it.

The controller uses a 6 AA battery and it is, of course, rechargeable. The charge time is within the range of 30 – 45 minutes, not more than 90 minutes. The flight time is estimated at about 7 to 10 minutes.

Replaceable: some parts of the drone are replaceable, the blades, and the battery are some of the replaceable items and these can be replaced or changed without any stress.


Haktoys HAK611 12' 4-Channel 2.4GHz RC Quadcopter Storm...


Controller: it has a big controller that looks like the face of an alien and it has a mixture of two colors, white and red. The controller has a short antenna. On the controller, there are some buttons and two joysticks – like any other drone controller.

The joysticks do the major job of controlling the direction of the drone. The stick on the left is used as throttle and rotation. On the right side of the drone’s controller, the joystick found there is used for moving the drone forward, left and right.

The Haktoys s611 Storm Ryder is a wonderful drone, even without the presence of a camera on it. It is a cheap Star Wars drone and it is perfect for beginners and of course, Star Wars fans.

Air Hog – Star Wars Speeder Bike

Air Hogs - Star Wars Speeder Bike Remote Controlled Drone

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Many of us remembered how we fantasized about riding a bike and in that fantasy, the speeder bike from Star Wars is always the picture of the bike we have in our heads. The Star Wars speeder bike is designed to look exactly like the one used in the movies.

The scout trooper is well detailed to give it a stunning resemblance, also the speeder bike has all the curves and patterns as the movie version. It is very strong and has the original Star. One of the most impressive things/features about this drone is the fact that its communication range is over 200ft or 60meters.

Flight experience/ performance: The Star Wars speeder bike is very stable when in the air. It is controlled by 4 channels. This drone has a height lock technology, which enables it to fly smoothly above ground level and on a particular height throughout its flight period. Also, it’s equipped with a gyro stabilizer which uses a gyroscope to automatically counteract unnecessary rotation in the drone

Durability: The Star Wars speeder bike remote-controlled drone is designed to be durable and can withstand high-level impact and a rough landing. Most of the delicate parts of the drone are covered internally with foam and it improves the life span of the drone.

Reparability: The air hog Star Wars speeder bike is quite reparable, the blades of the drone can be replaced, the speeder bike scout trooper can also be replaced.

Battery and charge time: The battery the drone is an AA battery and it uses 6 of them to operate. It charges the speeder bike through the use of a cable that fits into the drone only. The drone can fly for roughly seven minutes before the battery runs down and its charge time is estimated at about 45 minutes.


Air Hogs - Star Wars Speeder Bike Remote Controlled Drone


Controller: the controller is quite proportional to the size of the drone; its Star Wars brand is boldly seen at the center of the controller. It has two joysticks and some other buttons on it. These joysticks are used to control the various movements of the drone.

The joystick on the right of the controller is used for moving the drone left, right and forward. The joystick at the left side of the controller makes the drone rotate when it is moved to the right and the left etc. The yellow button found at the top center of the controller is the start button.

The controller has a charging cable that is locked within it and it is used to charge the drone. The controller itself could be charged by connecting it to a power source by the use of a USB cable. The controller cannot be connected to a smartphone or tablet.

Camera: This drone is not built for taking pictures or making videos, so it has not been designed to have a camera. The major idea of this drone is to replicate the Star Wars movie version of it.

Upgradeable: Some parts of the Star Wars speeder bike can be upgraded. The blades can be replaced and improved.

In conclusion, this drone will always be a beauty to behold whether you are a Star Wars fan or not. It is also considered to be one of the cheapest drones you can find considering the Star Wars universe.




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