Robots, drones and virtual reality steal the limelight at CES Asia 2016. Drones was represented by a couple of companies including the US-based Mota at the trade show. Moto showcased what it claims to be the worlds smallest and lightest quadcopter, the Mota Jetjat Nano. Mota has tried to create a drone which is both suitable for children and adults. The tiny drone will go on sale on Amazon in China later this year. They expect an explosion of sales, once it hits the market in China. The excitement is immense and it will grow even futhur during the upcoming holiday seasons.

In pint-sized frame, the JETJAT Nano drone brings incredible speed and agility. It’s super quick, super responsive and provides flips and turns for the best aerial stunts. But I think that the most impressive thing considering this quadcopter is that it would fit any type of pilots no matter age or experience. It has a bright red and blue landings lights which helps to make it visible in the air and on the ground. It fits snugly inside its custom-designed controller for travel or even inside holiday stockings for gifting. Overall, it is a great drone for hobbyist, and any type of hobbyist too. It is easy to control and any type of person gets used to it very fast, which makes it even more attractive.