Participants from international preparedness and emergency agencies have gathered in Copenhagen, where they have received training in the use of drones in particular missions, and has been updated on the latest regarding drone technology.

DJI and EENA (European Emergency Number Association), are in charge of the workshop, which is a new international drone project. It is the first time in the world that emergency services across Europe gather and exchange experience in drone technology and it has aroused interest from major international medias including the NY Times and 24 France, which both are in Copenhagen to follow the workshop.

Aerial imaging systems have conquered the world of photography and filmmaking and are now making big strides into heavy industries like agriculture, energy, and civil engineering. Aerial platforms are now poised to become an integral part of the way that public service providers work and provide their services. DJI is going to work with EENA to transform those ideas into reality, “together, we’re creating a one-year joint DJI-EENA program to provide carefully selected teams of pilots in Europe with the latest aerial-technology equipment, including DJI’s ready-to-fly Phantom and Inspire aircraft, the customizable M100 platform and best-in-class Zenmuse XT thermal-imaging system.”


Heat-sensing capabilities of the infrared Zenmuse XT camera

Aerial technology brings a incredible amount of possibilities. Above is one example: the heat-sensing capabilities of the infrared Zenmuse XT camera being used in a firefighting practice drill to detect heat sources and possible trapped persons. By applying the latest technology, more lives can be saved and public services can reach further.

The partners have selected the Greater Copenhagen Fire Department in Denmark and the Donegal Mountain Rescue Team in Ireland as the first two test sites.

In Denmark, the focus will be on drone applications for firefighting, chemical accidents and larger car accidents in urban and over-water environments. The team in Ireland is already using advanced software applications through DJI’s SDK to coordinate search & rescue missions in remote areas, and the focus will be to improve real-time networking techniques and crowd-sourcing capabilities.

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